Strong Man Introduces Custom-Printed Mesh

Strong Man Safety Products has created its own custom-printed debris netting, vinyl banners, mesh and fabric banners, visual barriers and fence murals. This latest innovation allows for customization of a wide array of mesh for various applications, including construction sites. Strong Man’s printing capabilities allow customers to print their company name, high-resolution logo, advertisements, pictures and designs on their superior-strength reinforced PVC vinyl fabric. The printed mesh has heat-sealed edges and grommets, is UV-treated and flame retardant and is available in various shade factors. All requests are made to order based on each customer’s specific needs.

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Jobsight Software Offers Complete Aerial Project Tracking

Hangar recently launched Jobsight, a software solution for acquiring, presenting and analyzing insights from aerial data on construction sites over time. With a user-friendly interface and a suite of processed, insight-rich aerial data products, the software keeps a visual archive of construction projects for improved project management, communication and processes. It allows clients to view aerial data such as photos, videos and high-resolution orthomosaic maps of sites, over the life of a project. Clients can also annotate, share, measure and export that data for integration into their workflows.

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Control Worksite Odors with OdorBoss

Dust Control Technology’s OdorBoss DB-60G is an innovative, biodegradable and environmentally safe chemical air deodorizer used to control naphthalene odor emissions, as well as a host of other odor-causing elements, such as sulfides, mercaptans, ammonia and amines. The OB-60G introduces an engineered mist of the air treatment agent solution, comprised of millions of tiny droplets approximately the size of airborne plant spores. Safe for humans, animals and plants, this biodegradable chemical travels on air currents with the odor-causing molecules. It attaches to molecules and alters their composition, eliminating the component that causes the smell. This results in a safer workplace … Read more

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View Recording of the Webinar “Construction Scheduling Basics: Moving Beyond Spreadsheets”

Have you been avoiding construction-grade project scheduling because you’re afraid it’s too complex, too expensive, or overkill for your typical project? If so, you could be putting your deadline and project profitability at risk. In a free pre-recorded webinar now available at here, learn how easy and cost-effective it really is to build a rock-solid construction schedule. Experienced speakers share practical ways construction superintendents and project managers can benefit from having a current schedule like resource and staff planning, organizing material and equipment deliveries, finding float to make up for unplanned delays and building real-time reports quickly.

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