Fascan Introduces Industry’s Tallest Wallboard Crane

Fascan International introduced its new F600SE.44 wallboard crane, which boasts a vertical reach of more than 10 stories—giving it the highest reach of any wallboard crane in the U.S. market. The F600SE.44 has a maximum lifting capacity of 6,600 pounds, a vertical reach of more than 115 feet and a horizontal reach of 101 feet. Its overall dimensions are 8-feet, 3-inches wide by 28-feet, 7-inches long by 9-feet, 5-inches high. The F600SE.44 has been designed to withstand extensive, intense operation through its high-capacity oil cooler, AGS automatic greasing system with braided, high-pressure grease lines and rigorous fatigue testing by Fassi … Read more

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Honeywell’s New SRL System Protects Workers At Height

Honeywell’s new Miller Falcon Edge self-retracting lifelines are designed to protect workers against serious injury or death if their lifeline becomes severed by a sharp edge during a fall from height. Available in 20-, 30- and 50-foot cable lengths, the new SRL series provides versatility, reliability and maximum safety, with the capacity to support user weights up to 420 pounds in all connections at foot level and above, including horizontal, vertical and overhead mounting. The new SRLs are equipped with an RFID tag, which enables safety managers and workers to efficiently track important product information, inspection and employee training in … Read more

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Sustainable Concrete Innovation Beats the Heat

Portland cement, in addition to being a large user of energy in processing, is the #2 greenhouse gas contributor in the world. In an effort to advance sustainability and address the environmental impact of this dilemma, New Technology Solutions, LLC (a subsidiary of Silicone Solutions), has developed its patent-pending CoolCure—a major development that could potentially change the global environmental and productivity footprint of concrete technology. New CoolCure concrete admixture converts typical cement into a Type IV, low-heat cement resulting in up to 80 percent less heat and 50 percent greater strength. It’s ideal for large mass pours, and can be … Read more

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LiteForm Xtreme Bond Delivers Revolutionary Bonding Performance

LiteForm Technologies has a unique process of manufacturing Expanded Polystyrene Rigid Foam, which creates a composite action between LiteForm XB and concrete for extreme and revolutionary bonding performance. This new system allows for continuous insulated concrete sandwich wall designs that come in one- or two-sided concrete panels. LiteForm Xtreme Bond Composite Wall Panels are a ground-breaking, patent-pending insulated concrete sandwich panel system for tilt-up and precast construction. LiteForm specializes in the manufacturing and design of highly efficient insulating concrete form systems for single-story or multi-story residential or commercial projects. Flat, monolithic cavities accommodate all rebar requirements. Continuous polypropylene fastening strips, … Read more

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