Steel Erector, Design Organizations Collaborate to Improve Steel Erector Certification Requirements

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The Steel Erectors Association of America and the American Institute of Steel Construction have worked together to draft a reciprocal indemnity agreement and revise the additional insured language as part of AISC’s Certified Steel Erector program requirements. The reciprocal indemnity and revised additional insured language is mutually beneficial to both AISC and steel erectors participating in the Certified Steel Erector program. “Before, the indemnification clause only protected AISC; now it goes both ways, with each party indemnifying each other,” explained Mark Trimble, AISC’s vice president of certification. Steel erectors will still be required to name AISC as … Read more

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Construction Workers Wear Pink Hard Hats at Job Sites in October

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Four hundred of Rabalais Constructors construction workers at various job sites throughout the state and beyond are wearing EMCOR Pink Hard Hats in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, spurring a call to action for breast cancer screening and awareness as part of EMCOR’s 9th Annual “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today.” campaign. Rabalais Constructors employees will be seen by scores of people as they work at a host of client locations ranging from oil and gas, to industrial and manufacturing facilities. Throughout October, thousands of employees at 60+ EMCOR’s subsidiaries across the U.S. are wearing EMCOR Pink … Read more

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Superintendents Speak Out

Survey reveals satisfaction on the job, stress levels and more By Chris Maday Schmidt Construction Superintendent recently partnered with AstaPowerproject to conduct a brief survey to superintendents via our LinkedIn group. The survey was compiled by a third-party source and included both closed and open-ended questions that covered a range of everyday topics on the jobsite—such as the skilled labor shortage and education and training, to on-time projects and scheduling. Of the responses we received, we learned more about your happiness levels, social media and tech usage, as well as your thoughts about the younger-generation workforce and more. You spoke, we listened. Here … Read more

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2017 Superintendent Survey Results

What is your title? Asst. Superintendent 1.5% Superintendent 40.6% Senior Superintendent 27.4% General Superintendent 15.9% Director/VP of Field Operations 4.5% Other 9.3% No Responses <1% What type of projects do you typically work on? Commercial 71.0% Residential 10.8% Industrial 6.3% Heavy/Highway 3.6% Other 7.5% No Responses <1% On average, how many hours a week do you work? Less than 40 hours <1% 40-49 hours 28.6% 50-59 hours 43.9% 60-69 hours 22.2% 70-79 hours 3.0% More than 80 hours 1.2% No Responses <1% On average, how stressed are you at your job? Extremely Stressed Very Stressed Stressed A Little Stressed Not … Read more

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