Upgraded Asta Powerproject BIM Syncs Cost Estimating Data for 5-D Construction Planning

DENVER, Colo. – Elecosoft just launched the latest version of Asta Powerproject BIM, which brings exciting new improvements in 4-D planning to help customers improve efficiency and win more business. This third iteration of the BIM product also boasts enriched cost estimation capabilities – working more closely with cost estimation systems to enable contractors to build a 5-D integrated project view.

All changes were based on user requests and feedback, proving once again the company’s long-standing commitment to optimizing its products to align with user needs.

“Our aim is to make sure our products continue to support our customers’ ability to succeed – so we truly do listen to their needs to inform our development,” said Jason Ruddle, Managing Director of Elecosoft.

“Clients are telling us that projects are getting both larger and more complex, requiring greater collaboration and a more integrated view of projects, including cost management. Asta Powerproject BIM is one of a family of Elecosoft products bringing construction contractors the integrated 5-D view they need to meet the new demands of digital construction.”

Construction users will appreciate the ability to:

  •    Deliver impressive videos to clients clearly showing the build process through stages of the plan
  •    Communicate better with sub-contractors
  •    Reduce costs through improved efficiency and reduced re-work
  •    Collaborate more effectively across teams

Asta Powerproject BIM enables users to drag and drop objects into the 3-D view, as well as split 3-D elements related to new sub-tasks, to meet changing demands on individual construction projects. It also allows for quick comparisons with planned and actual schedule plans, detailing the complete visual impact in 3-D. Among the many new features added, this release will allow users to:

  • Join and overlay IFC models enabling users to work on multiple related models concurrently
  • Display and compare alternative IFC model views in the new IFC Comparison Model pane
  • Create videos of timeline simulations and fly pasts for sharing with non Asta Powerproject BIM users
  • Support the use of larger IFC data models for multiple concurrent project plans using a native 64-bit application

Asta Powerproject and Asta Powerproject BIM are products of Elecosoft UK Ltd, which creates project, portfolio and resource management software. More than 100,000 schedulers worldwide rely on Asta Powerproject every day to create and update precise project schedules, collaborate across the enterprise, manage resources and costs and report progress to owners and clients.

For more information, visit www.astapowerproject.com.

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