New Features Available on NoteVault Web Platform

NoteVault introduces new compliance features that enable account or project administrators to track jobsite compliance. Compliance can be sorted by NoteVault access, contributing notes or contributing labor; track this compliance by account, by project or by user and sort by amount of usage identifying “power users” and those who might need additional support. A view is also included when users have received the daily report. Whether running the compliance report by account, project or by user, the report can be exported into Excel. It is color coded in order to provide a quick view of the info. The data can … Read more

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Enhanced BIM Features in Asta Powerproject Support Increased Demand for 4-D Planning

Elecosoft has launched v14.0.03, a new version of its flagship construction project management solution, delivering new and enhanced features aimed at supporting the growing need for 4-D BIM for project planners. With the integrated BIM module in Asta Powerproject, users can combine 3-D BIM models with the project activity scheduling data in a seamless application to deliver a 4-D time sequence. New features allow users to add site objects to the model display; click and drag on model objects for manual splitting and display a moving dropline across the bar chart during timeline simulation. In addition, this version adds key … Read more

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New Paper Predicts Construction Site of 2050

Balfour Beatty recently published its paper “Innovation 2050: A Digital Future for the Infrastructure Industry.” The construction site of 2050 will be in stark contrast to what we see today – it will be human-free with work moved offsite, remote control of machinery and new materials and techniques exploited to improve cost, safety and efficiency. While Balfour Beatty’s prediction for a human-free construction site may seem far-fetched, technology has already revolutionized contemporary life to such an extent that it’s not so hard to imagine radical changes for construction, not least the emergence of new roles and the requirement and evolution … Read more

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Trending Tech Tools: What’s Hot on the Jobsite

Jerry Schmidt, senior superintendent with BNBuilders, has been in the construction industry for over 40 years and has witnessed the evolution of technology firsthand through the years. Over the last couple of decades, contractors have gone from faxing RFIs to the design team to today’s instantaneous sharing of information on the cloud in shared working platforms. It has been a monumental shift in the way that companies do business and share information with each other. Schmidt recently shared a variety of areas where his team implements and utilizes technology to get his projects built faster and with more efficiency than … Read more

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